Our Projects

EQUAMAN Masculinity Navigator

Masculinity Navigator – unpacking the relationship between masculine roles, well-being, and gender equality (EQUAMAN) is the most recent research project that will be carried out between 2022-2025 in Poland & Norway simultaneously.

Towards Gender Harmony

It has been 30 years since large cross-cultural study has been carried out testing the contemporary understanding of masculinity and femininity (Williams & Best, 1990).

PAR Migration Navigation

PAR Migration Navigator was a non-commercial research project that aims to analyze processes unfolding at the crossroads of two cultures: Polish & Norwegian. In our research carried out between 2013-2016 we investigated how the similarities and differences between Polish and Norwegian societies influence the lives of individuals and couples who migrate between these two countries.


Research Team

Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka

works as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Cross-Cultural Psychology and Psychology of Gender at the University of Gdańsk (Poland). Her main area of research interest are cultural cues fostering gender equality within societies across the world. She also conducts research on backlash against communal men and universality of precarious manhood.

Jennifer Bosson

is a social psychologist and Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida, USA. Most of her research examines the contents and consequences of widespread beliefs about sex and gender. Current projects look at the implications of precarious manhood for men’s and women’s occupational outcomes, and the effects of hostile and benevolent sexism on women’s cognitive and physiological outcomes.

Joseph Vandello

is Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida, USA. He is a social and cultural psychologist who studies topics related to gender, honor, aggression, perceptions of disadvantaged groups, and morality. Much of his recent work aims to understand how people understand manhood and the implications of this understanding for health, well-being, work, interpersonal relationships, and conflict.