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Table of Contents

  1.   Why should I collaborate?
  2.   What do you need to do to become a collaborator?
  3.   What does data collection look like?
  4.   What is the project’s timeline?
  5.   When should I sign up?
  6.   How can I sign up?
  7.   Can I ask more questions?

1. Why should I collaborate?

By joining in you are taking part in an influential and groundbreaking project! 

It has been 30 years since the last large, cross-cultural study on masculinity and femininity was conducted. Our project will involve collecting data in at least 40 countries to examine gender stereotypes, expectations and prescriptions for men and women, and behaviours and traits that men and women should avoid in contemporary societies.

What is more, our project examines the universality of male gender role norms of agency, dominance, pursuit of status, and avoidance of femininity. Thus far, research on these role norms has been conducted mainly within Western cultural contexts.

Interested collaborators can also add scales to the survey (with some constraints), and test your own novel hypotheses. 

Those who complete data collection are guaranteed co-authorship on the first 2 publications, given that they respond in a timely manner to paper drafts.

2. What do you need to do to become a collaborator?

You need to:

a)   Ensure and document proper ethical clearance for the study conducted under the project in accordance with your institution’s policies.

b)   Translate (if necessary) the survey used in the study to the language appropriate for your sample. We suggest you follow this back-translation procedure (SEE HERE) – and we already have different language versions of our survey – contact us to check if yours is available. We will then ask you to review the survey. Please see our survey in English HERE.

c)   Collect data by December 31st 2019 from: 

  • at least 100 men and 100 women, who are 
  • students from an undergraduate/bachelor (or similar) program of psychology or any other majord)

d)   Complete the questionnaire detailing information about the data collection site and its specific context (sent to you upon completion of data collection).

3. What does data collection look like?

a)   The data will be collected online through an online survey service overseen by the project coordinator, and the study link will be sent to you by the project coordinator.

b)   The survey will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. It will be done online via SurveyMonkey, but you can also use other platforms and send us the data afterwards.

c)   If an online study is not possible at your university, it is possible to use pencil and paper to collect the data.

d)   If there are any problems with collecting data from 200 participants, please inform the project coordinator as soon as you become aware of the problem. 

4. What is the project’s timeline?

Data collection for study 1 will be complete by December 31st 2019, but overall during the project we are planning on more studies to be realized during 36 months (by the end of 2021).  During this time, our team of international researchers will conduct 5 cross-cultural studies with over 10000 total participants.

5. When should I sign up?

Sign up as soon as possible. When planning, please take into account the time needed to translate the survey into the language appropriate for your sample (with assistance from the project coordinator) and to obtain ethical clearance from your institution. We plan to finalize data collection by October 30th 2019.

6. How can I sign up?

First, please fill out THIS SHORT FORM, to give us some basic information about your location, sample, timeline, and other details. Next, we will contact you with more information within 2 weeks. You will also need to sign the collaborators agreement.

7. Can I ask more questions?

Of course! Feel free to ask us any questions. Please contact us by email: